The 2018 Illinois Attorney General election took place on November 6, 2018. The winner will be the next attorney general of the state. Lisa Madigan, the Democratic incumbent who has been Attorney in Chief since 2003, did not seek re-election. She has stepped down in favor of Republican challengers Jesse White and Scott Dillard. But the Illinois Attorney General election is more than a political contest. It will be a pivotal role in the future of the state.

In this race, two Democrats and one Republican have teamed up to run for the job.

Erika Harold and Kwame Raoul are running in the Democratic primary. Former Miss America Erika Harold has endorsed Raoul. Both women have long been champions of equal rights and have won numerous political campaigns. Their platforms include the fight against sexual predators, the fight for affordable health care, and the rights of women. In addition to that, they have fought against federal efforts to limit voting rights and healthcare access. They have built a strong legacy as people’s attorneys.

Democrat Erika Harold will be the next Illinois Attorney General. She has endorsed Rodney Davis, the Republican candidate. But the race is not without its drama. Democratic State Senator Erika Harold conceded defeat to the Republican opponent after the primary. The race was very tight in the days before the election and Harold won by just over one percentage point. In her concession speech, she said that she will do her best as attorney general.

Erika Harold, a law school graduate, beat out litigation lawyer Gary Grasso for the Republican nomination.

She will face Democrat Kwame Raoul in November. The GOP establishment is backing her and she has received campaign contributions from Gov. Bruce Rauner. Both candidates have positioned themselves as outsiders and reform-minded political outsiders to stand up to the corrupt political machine led by House Speaker Michael Madigan.

The Democratic Party reportedly expects to win this election with a double-digit margin. However, Raoul has a larger margin in the polls than other Democratic candidates. The Associated Press has projected that she will win the race, but the results are still preliminary. If she wins the primary, she’ll get a second term in office. After a decade in the position, she will likely be the next attorney general.

The Illinois Attorney General election is an important race.

The incumbent, Lisa Madigan, is stepping down as attorney general. She has held the position since 2003. The Democratic candidates for the position were Kwame Raoul and Erika Harold. When the polls closed on Election Day, both had narrowed their margins to under a single digit. As a result, both candidates will make a run for office in the upcoming election.

The Democratic candidate, Kwame Raoul, is the only African-American candidate in the race. She was elected Miss America in 2003 and used her prize money to attend Harvard Law School. Her opponent, Republican attorney Erika Harold, has not been a lawyer for 15 years. She won the election after announcing in March 2017 that she would not seek a fifth term. During the last campaign, she criticized the Republican’s record as a political rival, but she criticized the candidate’s performance.

There are three candidates in the Illinois attorney general election.

While the incumbent, Lisa Madigan, has been in the office since 2003, it is still a highly competitive race. Despite the lack of experience among the Democratic candidates, it is still a tough job. If she is elected, she will have to work hard to keep the state’s laws within the law. But who will be the next Illinois Attorney General?

Erika Harold is the former Miss America attorney. She won the primary against Gary Grasso and will face Democratic state Sen. Kwame Raoul. The two candidates are both Republicans, but it’s not clear whether they will be able to win the election. And if the Republican candidate wins, he will have a strong majority. And he will have a Democratic candidate.

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