In the first part of the game, Missile is a cute police dog that belongs to Detective Dick Gumshoe. Phoenix brought her to Gourd Lake to investigate a murder, but when she saw a hotdog stand, she got excited and scoffed a few hotdogs. She returned to the detective’s side and the case was resolved without any further trouble. But, before she could finish the game, she had to find the hotdog seller’s owner and return her dog to him.

At first, Missile was an abandoned puppy and was abandoned by her owner because she gnawed up her shoes.

Then, she met Larry Butz, who helped her by bringing her to the Allebahstian Embassy, where she picked up a wad of money dropped by Miles Edgeworth. She then “guilt-tripped” Larry’s butt to turn the money over to the police. She then went on to befriend Miles and Phoenix Wright.

While she stayed as a ghost, Missile still possessed the power to protect Lynne and Kamila. She is reunited with her sister, Sissel when she is in leaf form. She uses her powers to save her friends and family. In the second half of the game, Missile is a lawyer. She is a successful businesswoman. And she is the first lawyer to make the cover of a fictitious magazine in the form of an ace attorney.

One major drawback of Missile is its lack of Ace Attorney humor. The only gag in the original Missile game is her eating Larry’s Samurai Dogs. In Investigations 1, she repeats this joke while Investigations 2 rehashed it by replacing the dog with a chocolate cake. She also becomes upset at Kay because she eats cake, but the joke is never funny. It isn’t the most endearing game in the series, but it is still entertaining.

The game is not without its fair share of funny moments, but that doesn’t mean that Missile is complete without them.

In the first game, she eats a Samurai dog. In Investigations 2, she eats a chocolate cake. This isn’t the only example of this, but it’s not a big deal. The character is cute, but there are a few minor flaws in the story.

The game’s humor is a key aspect of the Ace Attorney franchise. While Missile has a few recurring jokes, the game has no other memorable moments. The only one in the original game is Missile eating a Samurai dog. In Investigations 2, Missile also has an extra role in investigating the death of Knightley, but not her own. The narrator’s paws are a big part of the character’s personality, and Missile has to be rescued to save her.

The missile has a few funny moments, but the game does have its fair share of cheesy moments.

Despite being the fourth in the series, the game lacks humor. While the infamous Ghost Trick episode is in which the dog is murdered by a gang, the game isn’t as funny as it should be. Aside from this, the storyline lacks any real plotlines. Aside from that, Missile is not very funny. She also has a few instances of stealing a person’s belongings.

In Miles Edgeworth’s investigation into the murder of Wendy Oldbag, the cat is used as a psychic to help track down clues. In the case of a missing person, Missile uses her ghost powers to save people. In addition, the Ghost Trick episode has her work as an attorney, helping people with cases. It has been an incredible success for both the show and her team! It is a fantastic series and is recommended to watch if you like crime shows.

Unlike the original Ace Attorney game, Missile lacks the same sense of humor as the previous games. In the original game, she eats Larry’s Samurai Dogs but isn’t a good judge of character. She then picks up a wad of money dropped by Miles Edgeworth and becomes an attorney. Both of them are enamored with each other. Aside from the wacky humor, the story is also very sad.

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