If you are involved in an automobile accident that isn’t your fault, the first search you should make on the Internet is “auto accident lawyers near me.” This is because you’ll want to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure your rights are protected and that you’ll get the compensation you deserve. But, how do you choose from all the results you’ll get from this search? Here are the criteria to help you make your selection.


The number one quality you should look for in a personal injury attorney is the experience they have with automobile accident cases. There are many types of personal injury cases and auto accidents are just one type. If an attorney specializes in something other than automobile accidents, they might not have the experience you need to ensure you have the best representation possible.

Look for an attorney who specifically states they are experts in automobile injury cases. You can ask for more specifics when you meet for your initial consultation, but when you search their website, you should be able to determine from their statements and client testimonials that they know what they’re doing when handling a motor vehicle accident injury case.


You’ll want to hire an attorney who is well-respected in their field for their work in negotiations and in the courtroom. Some attorneys are very good at negotiating settlements but don’t ever see the inside of a courtroom. If your case progresses to the point where there’s a trial, you need an attorney who can effectively argue your case in front of a judge and jury. Your lawyer should work toward a settlement, but always be prepared for a trial, just in case.

You can find information about an attorney’s reputation by checking out reviews and contacting the bar association in your state. If they have any issues, you’re sure to discover them in one of these two places. For instance, the bar association will have information about any reprimands or strikes they’ve received and reviews will reflect their work ethic and ability to win cases.


Once you’ve completed your initial research on various auto accident lawyers, you’ll want to meet a select few in person. This will allow you to assess the attorney’s personality to make sure it meshes with yours. You need to trust your lawyer and if you don’t like them, that’s not going to be possible. If you prefer a lawyer who is loud, boisterous, and pushy in the courtroom, you won’t want to choose the mild-mannered, quiet attorney who lets their argument do their shouting for them and vice versa. Most times, Your gut will tell you if a lawyer is the right one for your case. Listen to your inner voice and hire the attorney you believe has your best interests in mind and will go the extra mile to win your case.


When you search for attorneys near you, there will be many to choose from. Make sure you investigate their career and meet with them in person to choose the best option for your needs.

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