Walmart Discriminates Again

A few months ago, Walmart’s board of directors passed a resolution asking the company to file a Walmart discrimination lawsuit against anyone who complains about their employment policies. In fact, there was little resistance to this resolution from the board members. This is not surprising since the vast majority of workers at Walmart are disenchanted with the company for several reasons. But, after all of the politics and the corporate machinations, Walmart has settled on a course of action that will greatly affect the future of this great company.

As previously reported by the media, Walmart is planning to double its size in the coming years.

Adding a third shift is not only good for the company, but it will also increase labor supply and demand for products from the company. According to analysts, the Walmart expansion plan is expected to have a positive effect on the company’s stock price. The stock price is already up over 50% over the last year due to the company’s strategic planning.

But, for some, Walmart’s decision to open two new stores in two states may spark a major lawsuit against the company.

Walmart has already faced a discrimination lawsuit over their hiring practices. Back in June, the United States Department of Labor sent a letter to the company stating that they are routinely being discriminate against potential employees based on their gender, race, religion, and other traits. Although the company has not settled on a timeline for when they will begin to hire back those employees who have been let go, they are taking immediate action. The company has also hired the services of a law firm to handle any potential legal issues that arise as a result of the investigations into their hiring practices.

Walmart has already settled with the United States Department of Labor over the new hires, but with the additional store openings, the company could be in for another lawsuit.

According to The Retail Industry Leaders Association, “This latest action by Wal-Mart comes as the nation continues to face an historic challenge of job loss and job uncertainty. We call on our industry, employers, and regulatory agencies to support the process of establishing fair and reasonable working conditions.”

The United States Justice Department has also sent a complaint to the company regarding their actions.

In the complaint, the department states that they have received reports of cases of harassment by employees, as well as cases of apparent discriminatory actions. Both parties have until the end of February to work out a settlement. If no settlement can be reached, the lawsuit could move forward in court.

If an employee is subjected to such actions, what actions can they do?

They should not be afraid to contact their supervisor, or else they could risk losing their job. No matter what steps they take, it is critical that they document all occurrences. If the case goes to court, the employee will be able to use legal advice to help them win their case.

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