If you have purchased an LG dryer, you may be eligible for a lawsuit to recover your money. You can start the process by filling out a form. An attorney handling the investigation will contact you to explain your legal rights. The attorney will explain the process and what you can expect from the process. LG dryers were manufactured for over 40 years, so it is important to understand the design of the product to prevent fires.

Leak in the exhaust system

When the exhaust vent of an LG Dryer becomes obstructed, the machine can stop functioning properly. This could result in a fire hazard and possible bodily injury. If the exhaust system is obstructed, it is best to contact a service technician immediately. Alternatively, you can try a self-test to determine whether your LG Dryer is prone to exhaust leakage.

Firstly, check the lint filter. You should also check the exhaust vent if it is clogged with lint. You may need to replace it to solve this problem. You can also clean the condensate tank to remove any lint buildup. Make sure the condenser is clean and level. If it isn’t, then it could be leaking from the lint filter and resulting in a complete failure of the appliance.

Design defect

Some customers of LG dryers have complained about their products catching fire, so it may be necessary to file a class-action lawsuit. Such a lawsuit may result in a refund of the price of the damaged machine. Moreover, it is free of cost to contact attorneys who handle this lawsuit. Some of the common causes of LG dryer fires include malfunctioning thermostats, gas valves, and control boards. However, attorneys handling this class-action lawsuit believe that some LG dryer fires are caused by a design defect.

According to a lawsuit filed by attorneys from Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP, some LG clothes dryers are prone to catching fire due to a design defect. The lint may accumulate near the heating element and ignite during a fire. In addition to the fire risk, the LG dryer can emit an unpleasant smell, such as burning plastic or rubber. Upon inspection, owners may notice that the clothes smell like smoke.


In an attempt to defend their position against the LG Dryer Fires lawsuit, the defendants moved to dismiss the case with prejudice. In doing so, they cited the Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. case, which requires experts to give an opinion based on sufficient facts, principles, and methods. In this case, the defendants’ motion to dismiss was granted. The lawsuit proceeds as a class action.

Best Buy has said that LG manufactured and designed the gas dryer and should have provided instructions and warnings. However, the company denies that it was responsible for the damages. The LG Dryer Fires lawsuit damages claim that LG was liable for the fires and should have been notified of the incident. The company also says it is entitled to contractual indemnity from LG for the damage to Best Buy. This case will help consumers find the best way to pursue legal action against LG.


If you or a loved one has suffered due to LG Dryer Fires, you may be entitled to compensation. Whether your loss was physical or financial, you should consider filing a lawsuit against LG for the damage. An attorney specializing in product liability claims can help you understand your options and how to pursue them. Here are some important tips to remember. First, document every detail of the fire. Take photos of the whole scene. Include close-ups as well as general views.

Another important aspect of the lawsuit is that the manufacturer may say that the fire was caused by excessive lint accumulation in the exhaust system. Experts who test dryers say that this is unlikely. It is best to document the transition duct, the permanent house duct, and the exhaust vent hood. If possible, document the fire with photographs and document the damage caused by the dryer. If possible, collect and preserve all evidence, including the load itself.

Class action lawsuit

There is a Class Action Lawsuit Against LG Electronics For Dryer Fires, and if you have purchased an LG dryer, you may be eligible for a class action settlement. Due to the design of LG dryers, lint may accumulate near the heat source, which could cause a fire. You may have noticed a burning plastic smell, or smoke coming from your dryer. In some cases, melted wires and a plastic smell have been discovered.

A Class Action Lawsuit Against LG Dryer Fires, filed in May 2015, seeks to pay harmed consumers unspecified monetary damages. This type of lawsuit seeks corrective action to ensure that consumers don’t experience this same problem again. It is important to note that the plaintiff must provide a valid claim for monetary damages. A class action lawsuit will only be successful if you can show that the LG dryer was defective when you purchased it.

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