A Jeep Cherokee lawsuit can be resolved without court action if you take advantage of the free legal advice available through the internet and local attorneys. Complaints have recently been made regarding the Jeep Cherokee’s new on board computer diagnostic system. The diagnosis tool can prove to be a handy tool when used for repairs and when re-selling used vehicles. The company has decided to delay the official launch until after the new system is released for public consumption. According to sources, some consumers are upset by this move and are contemplating making a lawsuit against Jeep Cherokee.

A Jeep Cherokee lawsuit can be brought about in two ways; you can bring home a friend who purchased a similar vehicle that requires new front lower control Cherokees to have their warranty work in order or you can contact an attorney who specializes in such cases to help you bring your complaint forward. As per the law, the manufacturer is liable for any faults that are the result of ‘wear and tear’ that would have affected the vehicle at the time of its manufacturing. It is also important to note that such problems can only be rectified after the vehicle leaves the factory. A front lower control Cherokee lawsuit could be brought about in case you live in a state where there are strict laws when it comes to automobile manufacturing. States such as California and Massachusetts have certain requirements that companies have to adhere to when manufacturing cars.

The main complaint that has been raised against the Jeep Cherokee is that it is being sold with ‘knock and lock’ malfunction that results in sudden and unexpected transmission problems. This causes the vehicle to stop unexpectedly especially when the gears are not engaged. This is considered to be a defective product by many who have bought the Jeep Cherokee models. However, a class action lawsuit can be filed on the basis of these complaints as the affected customers are entitled to compensation for their loss and suffering.

Another complaint against the Jeep Cherokee is related to its engines. The power steering, chassis, braking and transmissions of the Jeep Cherokee have seen significant changes over the years. Some of the older units have suffered from numerous problems like the constant break down or the difficulty in recovering stuck vehicles. It has also been observed that Jeep Cherokee automobiles are more prone to roll over accidents than other vehicles. The roll over accidents have led to severe injuries and sometimes even death. The most common problem associated with the transmissions of the jeep is the constant break down or stumble when the accelerator is pressed.

The problems regarding the transmissions and the engine of the Jeep were highlighted in the United States Environmental Protection Agency “halting sale of Jeep Cherokee vehicles manufactured or sold in the United States after the effective date of the Order”, according to an article published by the Star newspaper. The EPA had restricted the production of the Jeep Cherokee because of the emission level of the vehicle. It has also banned the use of the term “least powerful” for the engines of the vehicles. However, the order did not affect the use of the term “most powerful” for the engines of the vehicle. The Star newspaper reported that many Jeep owners believe that the latest emission standards could have been the reason for the ban on the models of the Jeep.

As per the Star, the Grand Cherokee was one of the models that was involved in the recall issue. Some of the drivers of the Jeep Cherokee have filed a class action lawsuit against the company over the defective 9-speed transmissions. Many of the Cherokees have sustained serious injuries and some deaths due to this defect. The company has launched a recall for all the vehicles, which were involved in the program, including the Grand Cherokee. It is evident from the documents that the company has fixed the problem and is ready to resume manufacturing. However, it does not mean that all the cases are over as some of the suits can go to trial.

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