The Kraft Parmesan Cheese lawsuit has been heating up the internet news today. With many people upset with the way the company has handled their recall of MSG, and their greedy attitude to get their cheese back. The original owner of the brand, Joseph Ferrugia was arrested on charges of fraud. When the FDA announced the recall of the products, they had no choice but to include it on grocery store shelves. Since then it has spread like wildfire across the world.

You probably remember the red and white striped boxes of cheese with the little golden yummy heart symbol on them. We all liked the stuff for some time, but then I guess we were just afraid of getting sick of it. Well, maybe we weren’t quite aware that we were eating anything with MSG in it. I know my two daughters have stopped eating it altogether.

The original flavorings included dill, cloves, nutmeg, and salt. It is believed that the main ingredient was hydroxycitric acid or often called tartaric acid, which is produced when yeast combines with food. The contamination of this vital nutrient by preservatives allowed bacteria to multiply in large amounts within the cheese and this is what caused all the problems.

There are many people that feel the original flavorings of the Kraft Parmesan Cheese product were better than the current ones. After the recall the company has resorted to trying to come up with a different formula for their cheese. However, that doesn’t mean anything. In this day and age it is not unusual for the companies that produce good products to try to reinvent themselves. The goal is to keep the customer happy and keep the cheese brand alive for future generations.

The main issue is whether or not the cheese was adulterated with MSG before they released it to the market. The FDA says that they don’t think so. They cited numerous instances of bacterial growth within the cheese that could have been prevented if precautions were taken. This is a pretty convincing point, but the real question is what caused all this to happen? There has been much speculation as to what may have caused this contamination, but until a conclusive explanation has been released everyone is at risk.

The lawsuit will continue, with no indication as to when a final ruling will be released. Some believe the situation is far from over. Especially, in light of the fact that the contamination was only recently discovered. This is a huge issue considering how easily contaminated products can travel from one consumer to the next. It is highly doubtful that the Cheese Party incident will be the last such story to emerge concerning the Kraft Parmesan Cheese in the public eye.

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