The No Mans Sky and Alien Class Action Lawsuits. These two class action lawsuits have been in the news quite frequently lately. However, many people do not realize that such lawsuits have been around for quite some time. In fact, they may not even have known about them. Read on to learn more about the No Mans Sky and Alien Class Action Lawsuits.

These lawsuits were brought forward by a group of men and women who claimed that they had witnessed unusual aerial activities near their hotel on a remote island in Hawaii.

They claimed that the activities included no-fly flights, maneuvers, and other aerial phenomena that had never been previously documented on film. Such documentation and evidence would have allowed them to file a class action lawsuit against the company that had sponsored such aerial activity. The class action lawsuit then demanded that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launch an investigation into the matter. After such investigation, the FAA conducted its own investigation into the matter itself, determining that the activities had occurred and that there was no evidence of any danger to anyone on the ground.

The No Mans Sky and Alien Class Action Lawsuits also claim that NASA and the United States Department of Defense were aware of the presence of no-fly zones over air fields over various sovereign U.S. military bases in the southern section of the Caribbean Islands.

Military officials stated at the time that they had received regular reports from their base at the U.S. Naval Station at Norfolk, Virginia that no-fly zigzags had been consistently reported over the last several months. Yet, none of these officials ever made any attempt to investigate these claims, even though they directly contradict the official line.

Such lawsuits are being brought forth by individuals who are also claiming that they have been the victims of numerous space hoaxes and intentional space travel scams.

As has been previously mentioned, many people have participated in space flight simulation exercises designed to hoax the public into believing that it is possible to live in space. Some of these so-called “space fliers” have actually met with fatalities while participating in these exercises. Others have met with unfortunate medical injuries and the injuries have been chronic and long term. These people are now filing lawsuits against those companies and organizations responsible for these accidents.

It is important to note that there is currently a pending class action lawsuit against one such company.

This is due to the fact that this company, which is primarily based in Canada, has been attempting to market a space vehicle to the general public, despite having no formal space flight training or experience. Indeed, this company, named Polar orbiter Inc., is being accused of attempting to sell a spaceplane to the general public even though the firm has no actual space flight related experience whatsoever!

Such lawsuits against companies like Polar Orbiter Inc. and others like it could certainly force the attention of Congress and the United States Federal Trade Commission to seriously consider enacting legislation which protects against fraudulent business ventures in the space industry.

Such legislation may well also apply to activities taking place in the satellite industry and on orbital spaceships which are not human-designed. The reality of the situation is that space lawsuits are likely to increase in the future. As these lawsuits grow in number and demand the attention of the legal authorities and the courts more so as more people become interested in the subject, there is a real likelihood that mankind will have its first space flights in years to come – therefore the need to learn how to prepare for these eventualities now, if you want to be successful when it comes to filing a space lawsuit.

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