When AirBoat rents vacation condos and Homeaway provides cleaning services, they are both legally represented and cannot be sued for eviction even if a service fee has been paid. Unfortunately, for the renters and the company, a case was brought by one of their clients who claimed they never received the agreed-upon monthly rental fees from the time they signed rental agreements. The lawsuit claims that the defendants never provided the requisite service and did not maintain adequate control over the renters. The lawsuit further claims that the defendants failed to inform the renters that there would be an option to pay an additional fee to eliminate the need to go through the rental application process. Essentially, the lawsuit asserts that Homeaway and AirBoat illegally forced renters into renting by demanding expensive monthly payments when they did not provide appropriate service or maintain adequate control over the renters.

Although the lawsuits were eventually thrown out due to a lack of evidence and testimony, the damage was done.

The lesson to be learned here is that rental property owners should never charge more than necessary for cleaning and other service but should instead charge reasonable fees for these services. It’s also important to note that renters have the right to sue property owners for additional rental fees they feel they have received under the false assumption of services. In essence, they are owed damages for what was reasonably presumed to be already paid.

Because the lawsuit ultimately failed, the renters received no additional compensation and had to take out the lawsuit all over again in another court. Instead of throwing out the case altogether, however, the plaintiffs were able to enter into negotiations with their original property owners to reduce the total amount due and settle out of court. Both sides agree that the terms of the settlement will be mutually agreeable to both parties.

The lesson to be learned here is that there is little difference between renting condos and hideaways and vacation rentals.

Both require constant maintenance and supervision from the owner. The difference is that HomeAway may not be as expensive as one might think, and when it comes to large vacation rentals like those found in Cape May, New Jersey, there is very little difference between renting a cottage or apartment and renting a condo. This is a lesson everyone in the home rental industry should learn. Renting a home away isn’t cheap, and if the lease is extended, there’s no denying that you’ll owe the property owner money in the end.

Another lesson to be learned from this situation is the perils of allowing an angry, complaining consumer to aggressively pursue your fees. If the renter does this, not only can they leave with a big bill that they didn’t incur for the service but also with a mark on your credit record. The worst part is that they may even change your rental policy or stop doing business with you entirely! There has been much discussion on the internet about the negative impact of this type of behavior. Reading through a variety of online comments left by consumers, most of them are upset at having to deal with this type of issue.

So the lesson here? Do not allow yourself to be distracted by this type of frivolous and unfounded complaint.

If you have received a notice of default, it is best to take care of it as soon as possible before any damage is done to your credit. You do not want to be the person in the situation where someone files a false claim against you with the help of a big litigation firm. If you receive a service fee from Homeaway, it is wise to consult with the company before taking action because you might find out that the amount being charged is not exactly what you thought it was.

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