A woman from Illinois filed a class-action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over the alleged harmful effects of its OGX shampoo. The plaintiff, a former customer of the company’s OGX brand, claims the product caused her to lose a significant amount of her hair. Her suit was filed with Select Justice, a team of technology experts and investigators dedicated to bringing justice to serious injury victims and educating consumers about corporate wrongdoing.

A lawyer for the shampoo lawsuits says that if you have suffered from hair loss or other side effects, you may qualify for compensation through a class-action suit against Johnson & Johnson and Unilever.

A free evaluation form is available for anyone who has experienced the side effects of the products. If you’re interested in pursuing a hair loss lawsuit, please visit the Shub Law Firm. They are representing consumers who have been affected by the ingredients in these products and have lost their hair.

A lawsuit has been filed against Johnson & Johnson over their OGX line of hair care products. This product is made with DMDM hydantoin, a preservative and formaldehyde donor. The chemicals in OGX have been linked to hair loss, scalp problems, and even rashes. The chemicals in DMDM hydantoin have been implicated in the development of cancer.

The company is under fire after a woman filed a class-action lawsuit over a faulty OGX product.

She claims that the drug’s ingredients caused her hair to fall out and affected her skin. Her hair is now thin and brittle, and she wants to take legal action against the company for causing her hair to become brittle. The case is still ongoing, but the lawyers have had some success in settling similar cases. Earlier this year, Unilever settled a $10.1 million settlement for users of its keratin range.

Another lawsuit filed against Johnson & Johnson OGX hair care products has been attributed to hair loss in many customers. The ingredients are linked to rashes, scalp problems, and possible carcinogens. While the manufacturer of OGX shampoos is not responsible for the hair loss, the plaintiffs are seeking compensation from the company that is responsible for the side effects. The trial will be difficult, but if the lawsuit is successful, it will likely result in substantial compensation for affected consumers.

In addition to claiming that OGX shampoos caused hair loss, Whipple also claims that she is liable for causing other customers to suffer the same adverse effects.

The preservative DMDM hydantoin in OGX hair care products has been linked to other health issues and can lead to cancer. People affected by DMDM hydantoin-contaminated products are eligible to file a lawsuit.

The ingredients in OGX hair care products have been linked to hair loss. However, other ingredients, such as DMDM hydantoin, have also been linked to hair loss. Regardless of the cause, DMDM hydantoin may be to blame for the faulty products. The product’s manufacturer failed to warn consumers of the risks and has been forced to discontinue the products. The company has responded to the resulting lawsuits.

The two lawsuits have been filed against the makers of TRESemme keratin hair products.

The company has been accused of making its haircare products without proper labeling and causing hair loss. It has also been linked to rashes and other problems, which has led to lawsuits. Nevertheless, there are no guarantees that the company will pay compensation in the event of a class-action lawsuit, but it is worth filing a claim if you were affected by these chemicals.

A class-action lawsuit involving Johnson & Johnson OGX hair-care products is also being filed against this company. These products contain DMDM hydantoin, which is a chemical that causes hair loss in some people. In the United States, more than 1.2 million lawsuits have been filed against the company for the ingredients in OGX shampoo. The FDA has also issued an updated notice that explains the ingredients in OGX products.

The OGX and TRESEMME shampoos are marketed to give smooth and healthy-looking hair. They can also cause hair loss. Some consumers have been affected by this chemical because it causes hair to lose luster and cause scalp irritation. The manufacturer has denied the allegations and agreed to pay a $26 million settlement. The lawsuit was filed because the manufacturer did not investigate the cause of the hair loss caused by the shampoos.

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