It’s hard to believe that Goodyear is suing its customers over defective tires, but they are trying! Goodyear’s Marathon tire was discontinued almost 2 years ago and was replaced with a brand new tire on January 30, 2017. However, there are likely thousands of old Marathons lining the shelves of warehouses and trailers. So, how is Goodyear trying to drum up business? Here’s an analysis of the claims.

Goodyear’s G159 RV tire has a design defect

An investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed a serious flaw in the Goodyear G159 RV tire. The company, which last produced the tire in 2003, is now recalling about 173,000 of the tires. The investigation uncovered evidence of an underlying design defect that could cause the tire to rupture. Sadly, many people died or were injured after their tires popped. While this could be an unfortunate outcome, it’s not the end of the world. Goodyear has a history of making safe products, but it’s also a huge liability risk.

The G159 RV tire failed in a crash that occurred on August 11, 2004. The driver of the 2000 American Tradition motor home was driving westbound on State Road 8 when his right-front tire separated. It caused him to lose control of the vehicle, veering across an exit ramp and striking a row of trees. A subsequent investigation found that Wright and Beeldens were not wearing proper tires, and the crash was the result of the failed tire.

It’s prone to heat-induced failure

If you’ve recently purchased a set of Goodyear Marathon Tires, you should know that the company is facing 41 lawsuits over the past 20 years. These lawsuits allege that the G159 275/70R 22.5 tire was prone to heat-induced failure. The company denies that the G159 was defective or unsafe for use in RVs. Even though the G159 was the best-selling tire in history, the company must be held accountable for this problem.

The company has recalled nearly 175,000 tires. These tires have a defect that can cause the tread to separate. These tires were manufactured between 1996 and 2003 and are used primarily on trucks and RVs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the failures were most frequent in motorhomes. If you own a Goodyear tire, you should consider replacing it as soon as possible.

It’s been recalled three times

The company that made the Goodyear Marathon Tire has agreed to recall 173,000 tires for recreational vehicles because of safety concerns. Since 1998, Goodyear tires have caused fatal crashes and injured 95 people. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the tire’s safety. They have posted documents on their website which say the tread can separate from the body, posing a danger to drivers. This is particularly dangerous since a failed tire increases the risk of a crash.

The company was unable to make an accurate estimate of how many people were injured or killed because of the faulty tires, and it refused to make any refunds. The company had received more than three thousand claims about light-truck tires since 1995. Fortunately, most of the recalled tires were replaced at no cost to the customers. But the number of victims of tread separations is far higher than expected. Goodyear executives declined to comment about a silent recall, which occurred in 2007, and about lawsuits filed in the courts and media.

It’s been the subject of lawsuits

One such case involved the Goodyear Marathon Tire and its defective G159 tire. In this lawsuit, Goodyear executive Kim Cox admitted that the company was aware of the G159’s lack of “performance” on Class A motorhomes. But after the deposition ended, Goodyear’s counsel requested a protective order barring outside discussion of the case. Goodyear’s lawyer then destroyed the notes made by his client.

While the case was settled out of court, the company remains under investigation. The NHTSA, the federal safety watchdog, opened an investigation into the G159 tire, which was popular among class-A motorhome owners. However, the agency has not seen much data from Goodyear due to the secrecy of thousands of documents and court-approved settlements. Thus, the NHTSA has only limited information about Goodyear’s products.

It’s been cited in dozens of accidents

In the wake of the deaths of two employees and the citation of hundreds of other Goodyear tires in accidents, a new investigation is calling attention to the company’s lax approach to safety in its factories and on the road. The investigation by Reveal found that two Goodyear plants in North Carolina and Virginia had been plagued by intense production demands and roof leaks during storms. The company denies any responsibility for these tragedies.

A contractor for the company was killed when a falling object struck him in the head. His wife and daughter were left behind. The company appealed the fine, and in 2015, a jury found in favor of Patel, awarding him $16 million. The award is capped by state liability caps, and Goodyear is appealing the ruling. But the jury’s decision was a significant setback for the company.

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