Class Action Lawsuit

A Genuine Amgen Class Action Lawsuit could be filed against any of the company’s products, which include the well-known anti-aging formulas sold by the company. The law firm of Williams Kherkher has handled several Genuine Amgen Class Action Lawsuits, which has been awarded by the courts and paid to the Class Action Lawyer. These cases have proven that there are genuine problems with certain products that Amgen manufactures and sells. The following article discusses some of the Genuine Amgen Class Action Lawsuits that have been won by the lawyers of this law firm.

An Amgen recall was ordered on a popular hair tonic called “Finest Ingredients” due to concerns about the substance in the product.

Several women who used the tonic developed severe allergic reactions and became extremely ill. A Genuine Amgen Class Action Lawsuit was subsequently filed by the lawyer of the plaintiff and it resulted in the U.S. FDA ordering the recall of the product and issuing a monetary settlement to the Class Action Lawyer.

Another case that was handled by the same lawyer is the case concerning the Fen-Phen product.

The FDA ordered the recalled product is withdrawn from the market because it contained a chemical that may cause depression. Amgen got the case dismissed by the court on the ground that the drug was a dietary supplement and not a medicine. This dismissal was later overturned by an appeals court.

In another class action lawsuit, the results of a study conducted by the National Institute of Health were used as the basis for filing a lawsuit.

The court found that the scientists had misstated data pertaining to the effects of an ingredient that is present in many over the counter pain relievers such as Aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. Amgen received a settlement payment from the manufacturer of the pain reliever, but no court was required to award compensation for the harm caused by the error by the scientists.

There is many other Class Action Lawsuits that have been won by Amgen.

In one case, Amgen was ordered to pay over $1 million to a man who was working to design a hearing device for people with deaf and hard of hearing minds. Another case was filed against Amgen when they failed to provide adequate warnings about the lead in the birth defects of children who took the drug Finasteride. Another case was filed against Amgen in which they were ordered to pay over one million pounds to a woman who became paralyzed after taking their pill in pregnancy. All of these class action lawsuits were resolved with satisfactory results.

Class Action Lawsuits is a powerful tool when pursuing justice for someone who has suffered some form of injustice.

It allows people who were injured or harmed by another person or business to take legal action against the individual or business that caused their suffering. These cases often end up in courtrooms where judges are able to make decisions on cases that are more complex than a simple class action lawsuit. In some cases, the results can be very favorable for the plaintiff and there are many instances where large settlements are reached.

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