If you’ve purchased a GE Freezer, you might have noticed the wrong temperature settings. If you have, you may have grounds for a Class Action Lawsuit. However, you must first know the CPSC Recall and GE Freezer model number. This article will explain the CPSC Recall, as well as the details of a GE Freezer class action lawsuit. You should read this article to find out if you have a claim.

CPSC recall

A CPSC recall of GE freezer temperatures is underway because of a potential safety hazard. The temperature controls in some models may malfunction, resulting in injuries. The recalled models include certain GE french door refrigerators that have serial numbers that begin with specific letter combinations. The freezer drawer’s handle may come off accidentally when the refrigerator is opened or closed. So far, 71 incidents have been reported, and three of those cases have resulted in serious injuries.

The recalled GE refrigerators are sold in home improvement stores and retail outlets nationwide. GE has recalled six different models of bottom freezers. The handles may detach when the user tries to open them, posing a fall hazard. Since December 2017, there have been 37 reports of falls, including three reported cases of serious injuries’. GE will replace the handles free of charge in the affected homes.

GE Appliances

GE is the defendant in a lawsuit claiming that its refrigerators have malfunctioning circuit boards and are resulting in spoiled food. While the company may offer a limited warranty, it will not cover labor costs or replacing parts. Many owners have complained that they have spent hundreds of dollars on parts and labor to fix their refrigerators. Some also report that their fridges have been damaged, resulting in floor and wall damage.

The recall covers six types of GE refrigerators that have been recalled by the U.S. Product Safety Commission. Affected models have a two-letter combination on their serial numbers and can be identified by their detachable freezer door handles. GE has received 71 reports of detaching freezer door handles. Three people have reported serious falls’ when using these units. The affected models have a serial number that begins with an “E” or “S” and will be recalled.

GE Freezer model numbers

Consumers in the U.S. can apply for compensation if their GE Freezers are suffering from the problem of overheating or condensation. The lawsuit covers GE and Hotpoint refrigerators and freezers with corresponding model numbers. GE will replace the units for free if they cannot be fixed within three attempts. The affected models have been recalled from stores and websites across the country. GE has contacted over 155,000 consumers and is currently working on a resolution for the faulty units.

GE appliances take pride in their design. This french door model from GE boasts a large capacity and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish. It also has in-door technology that makes it easy to find drinks and snacks. The GE PVD28BYNFS is rated 4.7 stars on Home Depot, and 95% of consumers say that it’s worth the price. It has a five-year sealed system warranty.

GE Appliances’ settlement offer

GE Appliances has been settling lawsuits for decades, and its latest offer is worth considering. But the company is still facing some legal troubles, and the U.S. Department of Justice is fighting to stop AB Electrolux from purchasing General Electric Co’s appliance division. In the lawsuit, the Justice Department says that Electrolux’s proposed acquisition could concentrate market share among too few rivals. But Electrolux’s lawyer, John Majoras, told reporters that there was some movement toward a settlement.

GE Appliances announced that it is recalling 71 models due to the problem. This recall involves the handles of the freezer drawers. If the handles detach, the freezer can overheat, causing injury. GE has contacted all known purchasers to resolve the issue. A federal investigation has found that 71 people have suffered detachment injuries after the freezer drawer handle detached, including three serious falls.

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