If you own a Ford Edge, you may be eligible to file a class action lawsuit against the automaker for failure to recall its vehicles, provide free repairs, and reimburse owners’ expenses. A class action lawsuit may help drivers recover repair costs and force Ford to find a solution to the problem. In addition to recovering repair costs, you may be entitled to other damages, including reimbursement for your rental car costs and other expenses related to your vehicle’s malfunction.

Ford Edge flexplates

Ford dealers are facing a class-action lawsuit after a newer model of Edge was found to have a cracked flexplate. The flexplate has been known to rattle in recent months, and owners have complained about repeated failures of the part. One owner claims that it took five weeks to have his vehicle fixed, only to have the new disc fail after 6,000 miles. The manufacturer should extend the warranty for flexplate replacements and should recall all Edge SUVs.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. In February 2020, the driver of a 2015 Ford Edge reported that the vehicle began making an unnerving rattling noise when the engine started up, idled, and under normal driving conditions. When the noise was particularly loud, the owner stopped moving forward and had the vehicle towed to a Ford dealership.

The new Ford Edge flexplate lawsuit alleges that the defective flexplate in the vehicle’s engine causes the vehicle to suddenly stall or come to a sudden stop. This problem affects vehicles equipped with the 2.0L EcoBoost engine. In August 2019, the manufacturer issued TSB 19-2236 that directed dealers to replace the flexplate, torque converter, front gear pump, and short engine block. Plaintiffs are seeking compensation for their loss of enjoyment in their car.

Another lawsuit filed by an Ohio homeowner alleges that the flexplate in his Ford Edge has been replaced after it cracked, rendering his car useless. The original flexplate cracked when the car was brand-new, and the replacement flexplates also crack, resulting in a rattling noise and a stalling engine. The Edge has multiple flexplate lawsuits, and consumers should not drive a car that has suffered from a defective flexplate.

Ford Edge flywheels

A recent class action lawsuit filed by a former Ford Edge driver has the car manufacturer under fire for failing to adequately repair the vehicle’s flexplates. The vehicle’s flexplate cracked and broke, damaging the Bendix drive, the crankshaft seal, and the starter. The lawsuit claims that the company has failed to adequately address the problem and adequately reimburse its customers for their expenses. The class action lawsuit seeks to recover the costs of repairs and force Ford to find a fix for the problem. The consumer may also be entitled to additional damages such as the cost of rental cars.

In a recent case, two individuals leased a 2015 Ford SUV named the “Edge” from a competitor dealership. Both Christopher Straub and James and Christie Ranum allege that the vehicle’s flexplate was defective. Their claims will be decided by arbitration and Ford has denied the claims. The lawsuit will move on to arbitration. This case has a four-year statute of limitations.

The flexplates of the EcoBoost engine are allegedly causing a rattling noise and stalling in the SUV. In addition, a TSB was issued to dealers in August 2019 directing them to replace the flexplate, torque converter, flywheels, bolts, and the front gear pump. Additionally, this lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court of Michigan.

The flywheels and Flexplate are not the only parts of the car prone to defects. The brake booster is also prone to problems. The brake booster should be checked immediately if your car’s air intake system is blocked or if it’s not bled properly. This may require the replacement of a hose or a new brake booster. If your car is exhibiting any of these problems, you should visit a certified mechanic immediately.

The flywheel and Flexplate are important components of any vehicle. They help the engine run by acting as a friction plate. However, these parts also have to be durable. Heavy-duty diesel engines have heavier flywheels, as they require more force to move them. Despite its importance, the flexplate is the subject of several lawsuits filed by Ford Edge owners. In some cases, you may have to replace the flywheel.

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  1. I would also like to be considered for this lawsuit. I have a 2019 Ford Edge that has been in the shop for 2 months because of transmission issues and had cracked plates also.

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