Plavix blood thinners have been in use for many years. However, recent years there have been increasing concerns over whether or not Plavix is safe to take, particularly with the possible side effects some individuals may experience as a result of taking the drug.

A number of lawsuits involving Plavix use have surfaced in recent years. This article will discuss those lawsuits, their potential effect on the health of the plaintiff and the steps an individual can take if they believe they may be exposed to harmful effects.

Plavix Blood Thinner Lawsuit

The first lawsuit involves the death of a woman who was anemic and on a prescribed diet due to diabetes. Despite repeated advice to eat healthily and take vitamins, the plaintiff failed to do so and died from a massive stroke. The court found that the defendant manufacturer knew that one of its drugs, Plavix, was dangerously toxic and that it was responsible for the death.

The manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, is appealing the court’s decision to remove the drug from the market. If Plavix were ever to be reintroduced into the market it would have to be restricted to treat hypertension only. It would also have to carry warning labels that would tell individuals about the risks associated with its use.

Another case involved a man who developed kidney failure while taking Plavix.

He later died at home from complications resulting from his weakened kidneys. While investigating the cause of his kidney failure, the plaintiff learned that he was one of the few people to ever file a blood thinner lawsuit against Teva. Since this case is still before the courts, it is unlikely that any settlement will be reached as a result of the suit.

The Food and Drug Administration is conducting its own investigation into the safety of Plavix. According to company spokesperson, Robert Zircona, the FDA will review the studies submitted by the plaintiffs’ attorney and will determine if the claims within those studies are supported by evidence.

More specifically, the FDA will examine the reports on two generic versions of Plavix. Zircona says there is no reason for the agency to restrict the manufacture or sale of the drug based on these results. If the agency does find the side effects to be legitimate, it is then likely that they will be limited to a small number of patients.

One of the reasons why the FDA is conducting its own investigation comes from how the two generic versions of Plavix were found to have the same blood thinning agents.

This finding was enough for the FDA to issue a warning about the drugs. However, the agency is reviewing the data on the two drugs in hopes of determining which one is more effective. The FDA will not reveal the exact number of drugs it is currently examining, stating only that it is “high priority”.

There is still no timeline available for the FDA investigation into Plavix and whether or not it will restrict the drug.

For the time being, plaintiffs in the Plavix blood thinning lawsuit should focus on getting their lawsuit filed as soon as possible. Any delay could jeopardize the case and render it pointless. Both sides need to come to an agreement as to how much money will be paid, when payment will occur, and what expectations are included.

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