RIM Defended Against Class Action Lawsuit

The plaintiffs in the Coumadin Class Action Lawsuit are asking for compensation for their injuries and suffering that was caused by negligence on the part of RIM plc. RIM (Research In Motion) is a company that was formed by the late Mikeurities. RIM did not abide by proper safety measures while manufacturing the BlackBerry and when accidents happened, the responsible parties were not properly held accountable. The company was sued by several individuals who were hurt while using the BlackBerry. The lawsuits filed in the state court of Michigan are asking for damages on the grounds that RIM did not take reasonable and adequate precautions to protect against the risk of injury for their employees and customers.

This class action lawsuit has been filed by an individual on behalf of all the BlackBerry subscribers who have purchased the product from RIM.

There is a possibility that other people have also got injured due to the same negligence. The damages claimed in this case may also be transferred to the general category of personal injury because it is a case of personal injury. The damages that the plaintiffs are seeking could run into millions of dollars. The damages could also cover all the medical expenses that would be incurred for the injuries sustained by the customer and his family members. RIM has been a defendant in several lawsuits before and has settled out of court without going to trial.

The company has also settled out of court with respect to the liability in the RIM defective battery case.

RIM has come to an agreement to fix up an installation manual for the iPhone that was released as a free gift. The manuals contain information on the technicalities of the iPhone and the user manuals have instructions for troubleshooting situations associated with the device. The warranty on the iPhone was also extended by RIM.

The case is still fresh in the court rooms of Michigan and there have been several other similar class action lawsuits that have originated in the state.

A number of claimants have filed claims against RIM including the original manufacturer, Apple Inc. The case was brought forward by a man named Michael J. Smith. Smith has been diagnosed with cancer and is in need of financial support for his treatment. He is in need of approximately $75k to pay for his medical bills and for the costs incurred during his treatment. Mr. Smith claims that RIM has been negligent with regard to their design and manufacturing of the iPhone and that they should have foreseen that the device would result in serious defects.

This class action lawsuit comes at a time when RIM is being held accountable for their designs and failures.

The case is also being handled by another individual who is representing the very same group of people who filed the suit in the first place. In addition to being represented by a lawyer, this individual is also representing a class of individuals who are suffering with various ailments as a result of their use of the RIM phones. The individual is named in the case as an individual who bought an iPhone for his own personal use and is suffering from serious ailments as a result. In addition, the case is being handled by a San Francisco law firm that is handling the case on behalf of all individuals who were affected by RIM’s design and manufacturing defects.

The class action lawsuit has thus far resulted in substantial awards to individuals such as Mr. Smith.

The case has also forced RIM into a situation where they need to either settle the case out of court or be forced to go to trial. If RIM does not settle out of court the company could face a substantial loss. If a settlement is reached and approved by both sides then the plaintiff’s attorney will be paid by both parties. The cost of the class action lawsuit and the expenses that relate to it has been paid by the rim through the defendant’s default judgment.

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