Cochlear Implant Injury Lawsuit – How to Build a Successful Case

A cochlear implant or bionic ear is a surgically planted electronic device that is implanted into the inner ear of a person so as to give him or her a sense of perceived sound. The implants are made of titanium and they can be attached very easily to the cochlea. The sensation coming from the cochlear implant will be that of the low frequency vibrations that are produced in the outer, middle and inner ear.

Plaintiffs in this case were awarded a whopping $7.25 million due to the fact that the cochlear implant malfunctioned.

This is the first case of its kind where such a huge amount has been awarded to a plaintiff because of a defective cochlear implant. The reason as to why this happened was because the doctor did not follow all the required guidelines when performing the surgery. He forgot to properly adjust the device prior to surgery and it ultimately resulted to the girl having tinnitus, which is a ringing sensation in the ears. A jury was also awarded due to the fact that the doctors had falsified data regarding the success rate of the treatment.

There have been a lot of lawsuits regarding these particular injuries due to the fact that these implants cause certain complications, which are quite serious in nature.

This is the reason why there have been a lot of laws passed in order to make sure that people who get implants are fully aware of the risks involved. It is recommended that people who get this type of operation should get the consent of their parents or legal guardians as to whether or not they can go ahead with the procedure. Those who do not get the consent of their guardian are not supposed to get this type of surgery.

Other complications that are commonly associated with cochlear implant recipients are bacterial meningitis, otitis externa, acoustic neuroma, domestication and even brain abscess.

These are all serious medical conditions that can sometimes put people in danger and require them to seek proper medical attention from the doctor. There have also been cases wherein cochlear implant recipients have died while undergoing the procedure. This is the reason why proper medical supervision should always be observed by cochlear implant recipients.

If you think you may be suffering from some of these complications and you are still thinking of going through the process of a cochlear implant injury lawsuit, you need to find an attorney immediately.

You need to find a lawyer who specializes in these cases as that will ensure that you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Medical malpractice attorneys specialize in this type of case evaluation and know how to deal with the insurance companies and the institutions that are liable for the injury that you suffered. They will help you build your case by gathering evidence and supporting it with other evidences such as video recordings, medical records, photos, medical reports, etc. With their extensive knowledge about the technicalities involved, they can easily present your case for a lawsuit that covers all the angles related to the defective device.

Cochlear injury attorneys are also well aware of the importance of preparing a strong defense, because the insurance companies are more than willing to compensate for the damage done to you.

The insurance company will try to minimize its responsibility for the compensation award by minimizing the potential liability of the corporation that made the defective cochlear implant. There are also chances that the insurance company will settle the case without going to court. In order to make sure that you receive the maximum compensation possible from your case, it is best to hire a skilled attorney who will prepare a strong lawsuit against the company. Only an experienced lawyer will know how to handle the negotiations between you and the insurance company, and he will also know how to build a strong defense for you.

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