If you have read anything at all about the Class Action Lawsuit against Lipitor, you already know that many doctors refused to treat patients suffering from very high or extremely low thyroid levels. When these patients went for treatment, it was not a normal one. The doctors were fully aware that these patients were suffering from a serious disease with dire consequences. Yet, in order to maximize their profits, they performed surgeries on these people anyway. Doctors who perform these unnecessary surgeries will continue to do so until someone stands up and does something about it. This is exactly what is happening right now.

It is the worst miscarriage of justice that has ever occurred in the history of the human race. Class Action Lawsuits against the manufacturers of the drug that caused this disorder should be bringing into public attention and millions of people suffering from this disease should be making to receive huge payouts for their pain and suffering. Why have we let this happen? Why have our government and medical industry sat idly by and allowed people to suffer?

Lipitor causes very high cholesterol and very low potassium in the blood stream. When this occurs, it becomes impossible for the body to function normally and to maintain a normal level of blood sugar. Thyroid disease is a direct result and that is why so many people are seeking legal recourse against Lipitor manufacturers.

Lipitor causes so much damage to the body, yet the medical industry has known about this problem for years. It is only now that the general public is beginning to demand answers and class action lawsuits are being filed and won because of this information. Millions of people were diagnosed with thyroid conditions that would have been easily preventable with proper diet and exercise. Had those patients known that they had this disease, they may have taken much better care of themselves.

It has been shown in a class action lawsuit against lipitor that the Lipitor companies knew about the negative side effects of their medications. They knowingly and negligently provided false information to their patients. How could this be acceptable, if all they were doing was trying to make more money? This class action lawsuit against lipitor is not about money for the lawyers, but for the patients who were suffering with this disease. They are owed compensation for malpractice, because the products they used caused them unnecessary suffering and ended their lives.

Those who have lost loved ones to this illness need to get the justice they deserve. Class action lawsuit against Lipitor companies is their best chance at receiving compensation for their losses and pain. As we continue to watch television stations report on the trials of these “miracle drugs”, we can only hope that they will do more to help patients who really need help with their health problems and not give more harm than good. The companies manufacturing these drugs should be held responsible for their actions and those who have lost their lives due to their negligence, need compensation for their losses.

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