Comcast Settles Civil Lawsuit Against Subscribers For discriminating Conduct

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Comcast for their failure to appropriately train their technicians about making the distinction between genuine maintenance issues and racial discrimination. You see, according to a court ruling obtained recently in Philadelphia, Comcast committed numerous mistakes from 2021 through the present. Those mistakes resulted in numerous lawsuits being filed by former customers who were improperly charged for long hours or not receiving the service that they actually signed up for. As a result of those mistakes, Comcast is being sued for not having enough workers well-trained in making sure that their customers are treated fairly when it comes to their use of the internet. In other words, Comcast’s service has a lot of potential to be abused by customer service reps who like to take advantage of working like little police agents at all times. That abuse takes away from the very reason why Comcast signed on with the government in the first place.

Comcast had signed on with the FCC in order to clean up the airwaves; therefore, the company made sure that it had enough licensed TV and radio channels (channel diversity) before signing on with the government. So, why was there such a huge error with this plan? Because Comcast grossly under-filled its quota of TV and radio channels, which resulted in the huge number of complaints that the company received. As you may know, whenever there is more than one subscriber at a single address with the same name, it results in a disparity in how the programming is delivered across the two addresses and that is a violation of the law known as “blocking.”

The second major error which the lawsuit reveals was Comcast’s failure to have an adequate plan for service protection plan upgrades. When the law was changed in 2021, the requirement was that each consumer unit must receive an offer of service protection in order to maintain a cable television service. In Comcast’s eyes, they did not meet the minimum requirements needed under the law and they were consequently found in violation of the law. The class action further shows that Comcast attempted to mislead the subscribers into believing that the cost of upgrading their services would be higher than they actually would have been under the prior law. This deception was used to increase the profits of Comcast and to make it much easier for them to avoid paying the required damages.

As I stated at the beginning, this lawsuit is an amazing case which reveals many details about the practices of Comcast. There are three class members who filed suit and received a significant amount of money because of the Comcast errors which this class member made. As you can imagine, if the Federal judge rules in favor of the plaintiffs, Comcast will have to pay out billions of dollars in damages to all of its subscribers. Therefore, it is imperative that this case gain maximum exposure in the court system so that it has the chance of winning.

The Federal Communications Commission under the Obama administration has taken a lot of flack because of the lawsuits. While the majority of the suits are meritless, there are certainly some frivolous ones that are being pursued as a means to intimidate consumers from exercising their right to fair treatment under the law. It is my contention that the Federal judge that will hear this lawsuit has an interest in diversity of lawsuits and discrimination claims brought by minorities, women, and consumers. Therefore, I believe the lawsuit will be heard with fairness.

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  1. I have an on going problem with Comcast. I am being charged a much higher rate than I was originally quoted just because I took my service off vacation? I was never told that my rate would change and now Comcast has billed me several hundred dollars more than I am able to pay. I have cancelled my service and I am returning the rental equipment on April 5th, 2022. Thank you in advance for any help you may provide in this matter.
    Frank Capone

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