Recently in Florida, an attorney for an AT&T customer brought a class action lawsuit against the company. The class action lawsuit named John Doe, an African-American man, who was laid off from his job at&T when the company went under and he was consequently left with a meager income. Attorneys representing AT&T alleged that Doe used counterfeit tax ID and had his Social Security card altered without his permission. John Doe’s attorney argued that the cards actually belonged to another individual and that John Doe did not know this person.

In its defense, AT&T pointed out that the Internal Revenue Service has previously determined that many cases of identity theft involve a group of individuals who obtain their tax information using stolen means.

The government further explained that to its knowledge, no one else other than these particular group of thieves uses AT&T’s social security numbers. Further, AT&T noted that under federal law, they require all potential employees to sign a waiver of consent to gain access to their database system. The government further explained that any authorized employees given access to the system are bound by such agreements and cannot disclose confidential information about it to anyone except those with proper authorization.

At the time of filing this class action lawsuit, John Doe could not fathom why his tax troubles had been solved but would later find out that AT&T’s internal accounting department manipulated the numbers in order to inflate their quarterly profits.

The Internal Revenue Service, which is a branch of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, levied steep fines on AT&T after conducting an investigation. At the time of the settlement, John Doe was out of work and fearful of losing his home. He ultimately signed a consent form acknowledging liability. The fine levied ultimately reached millions of dollars. The unfortunate thing about this class action lawsuit is that many people who could have benefited from this settlement could have remained employed had they known about it when it occurred.

Another class action lawsuit against AT&T is pending in federal court in Maryland.

In this case, an individual named Gabrielle got an MRI job with AT&T in Maryland. She was excited about the position and was working hard to obtain her certification as an MRI technician. In July, however, she was informed by her doctor that she had a brain tumor.

As the lawsuit progresses, Gabrielle’s attorney is attempting to show that her medical problem was the result of negligence on the part of AT&T Marketing.

The attorneys are arguing that Gabrielle spent hours of time in a hospital bed while suffering from a brain tumor and did not receive adequate care and support. Additionally, they are claiming that AT&T did not follow federal guidelines in how they select their employees as well as how they handle the workers’ compensation benefits when an injury occurs. If you are a person who wants to know if you can join a class action lawsuit against AT&T, then you should check out our blog for more information.

If you are interested in filing a class action lawsuit against AT&T Mobility & Technology, you should contact an experienced attorney who has experience in this type of case.

Attorneys who specialize in these cases understand the laws, the rules, and the regulations surrounding these lawsuits. They will be able to ensure that your claim is filed properly and will help you recover your damages. You may be able to get money that will make a big difference in your life; you should choose the attorney who will work hard for you and your interests.

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  1. Is there a legal firm that is currently suing AT&T? I need help obtaining my account information and the code to switch my cell service to a new cell provider. They changed my personal cell service over to a business account without my knowledge and charged fees I was unaware of. They will not provide me with any information, and they disconnected the cell service when I emailed & called to get someone to provide the information. I have Graves Disease, an autoimmune disease that is exacerbated by stress. I am stressed, and I was hospitalized in January 2022 for heart issues due in part to At&T. Please advise, and thank you for your consideration. Kathy Hall

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