Caribbean cruise lines have been hit with a class action lawsuit filed by relatives of deceased passengers in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. They are being held responsible for negligent behavior that caused their loved ones to perish. This is the first case of its kind in Texas and there may be more to come.

Caribbean Cruise Lines is being sued by the relatives of three dead passengers who were killed when the ship ran aground at the mouth of the Corpus Christi Sea. Royal Caribbean was not forthcoming with information as to why the cruise liner was operating with inadequate deck railings and failed to inspect the ship’s watercraft before departure. Also, there were concerns that Royal Caribbean could tussle claims that the business placed passengers in danger by refusing to cancel a cruise just days before Hurricane Harvey hit land. A federal judge in Florida has recommended that a Florida federal court not to dismiss a Caribbean Royal Caribbean securities class action lawsuit. The lawsuit names the cruise liner as well as several current and former cruise employees as well as several members of the class that died in the accident.

According to the lawsuit, Royal Caribbean was operating in disregard of rules governing the coast of the Gulf of Mexico when it took off from the Texas coast and sailed into the Gulf of Mexico. The Coast Guard was not immediately notified of the departure of the ship, and there was no inspection of the watercraft prior to departure. The cruise line threw all references to a special event off the ship’s log and did not provide any information about what went on prior to the throwing of the party. No one on board reported seeing anything wrong and the cruise line’s recklessness resulted in many deaths.

The family of one of those killed has hired the services of an attorney to represent their claim. Royal Caribbean is one of the largest cruise liners in the world, and as such it is not surprising that this Caribbean Royal Caribbean lawsuit settlement has become newsworthy. Many families have lost loved ones on this cruise liner and are fighting for justice. It is important to remember that this is not an isolated incident but a pattern of negligence by Royal Caribbean Cruises.

This Caribbean Royal Caribbean lawsuit settlement is also one of several lawsuits that have been filed against the cruise liner. In addition to the passengers who died, another group of passengers who were injured filed suit against the cruise liner. The lawsuits have claimed that not only was Royal Caribbean operating in bad taste, but the company was aware of the danger of dangerous sea temperatures and rough seas but did nothing to protect the lives of the passengers. Other passengers filed similar suits against the ship.

The cruises’ owner has been put on trial in the United States, so all of the evidence in the case will be played in open court. It is believed that this cruise line may try to deny any wrongdoing and use many of the passengers who have died as a means of settling lawsuits in which they are being sued for their supposed negligence. If the owners of this cruise line are found to be negligent, then any monetary damages that have been awarded to passengers will not be paid out. This Caribbean Royal Caribbean lawsuit has caused many people to be very angry with the cruise line and it’s parent company.

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