When you see the words “Trex Decking lawsuit” do not be sure what you think that means. If you are like most people who have purchased decking at one time or another and have lived through a few of them then you will be able to identify the problems. The first thing that you need to do when you think about decking that is suspect is to know everything about the company.

Trex Decking Lawsuit

Trex decking is backed by a fifteen-year limited warranty and a twenty-year stain and fade warranty, but how long does it really stand? Since decking is a product that lasts a very long time, it is imperative that manufacturers stand behind their product enough to allow for a decent amount of replacement. So when you look at the products from either Amish or Decker, you need to know how long it has been available and whether or not there have been any complaints regarding the product. Considering switching to wood-alternative decking? Here are a few of the known concerns and things to watch out for before you make that switch.

There have been multiple class action lawsuits that have been brought against manufacturers of wood-alternative decking.

Some of these incidents have had real legal implications because the decking was installed improperly, which allowed it to rot, meaning that it had to be replaced. While no one ever dies from having a defective decking product, there are other more serious health concerns that can arise as a result of an inferior decking material. If you are concerned about the health issues, you may want to contact either the manufacturer of the decking or the homeowner of the house in which the decking is being installed to determine whether or not they will agree to a class action lawsuit.

Another thing to watch for with these types of lawsuits is that many times the decking manufacturer will bring the suit on behalf of the homeowners and place them as the named party in the lawsuit.

This means that they will try and get the case thrown out in favor of the homeowner. You should always check to see if the manufacturer is actually listed as a defendant or a plaintiff in the decking class action lawsuit that you’re interested in filing.

The last thing to watch out for is a flaking class action settlement.

This is where the lawsuit is settled without going to court. These settlements are common because they don’t require a trial. Instead, the parties agree to a class action and then the case is handled by neutral third-party professionals. One of these professionals will select a mediator who will sit down with each of the plaintiffs and their attorneys to go over the details of the case. Then the lawyers will present their case to the court will decide whether or not the case will go forward.

If you’re planning on filing a Trex decking lawsuit then you need to keep these things in mind.

Always check to make sure the deck manufacturer is named in the complaint and if so, whether or not they have filed a complaint against the homeowner. Never sign anything without reading it and speaking to an attorney. If you don’t follow these simple guidelines, you could find yourself wasting your time and resources in a Trex decking class action lawsuit.

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