Ashford University is a world-renowned institution for higher learning with a strong tradition of service to the community. As one of the biggest and oldest post-secondary institutions in the United Kingdom, Ashford University has experienced much over the years. Ashford University Class Action Lawsuit is a case which highlights the negative consequences that can come as a result of bullying, harassment and other related issues. The victims who have suffered have filed this lawsuit against Ashford University and their school authorities. The lawsuit is seeking damages on a variety of related issues:

Accusations of a segregated and abusive housing unit has been made against Ashford University in the past. The students who have graduated from this university have reportedly been unfairly discriminated against when it comes to getting a place to live. They were allegedly placed in unsuitable accommodation units and segregated from the rest of the population, even those from other schools within Ashford University’s area. As well as this, the students who have graduated in this case have claimed that they were unfairly denied access to University facilities including libraries belonging to other schools which are located close to Ashford University.

A sexual abuse case was also highlighted in the case. A female member of staff was alleged to have sexually abused one of her former colleagues in the college. The employee in question was later arrested and charged with offences relating to sexual abuse. As a result of this, Ashford University has stood accused of mishandling sexual harassment issues, as well as other related allegations.

Ashford University has strenuously denied any wrongdoing relating to the sexual abuse case. To make up for any damage arising out of the incident, Ashford University is seeking damages for the stress and anxiety caused to its students, as well as the financial loss that it has inflicted on its alumni. Other claims which have also been made in this case relate to undue pressure that is placed on vulnerable members of staff to report concerns about the college’s safety. Another claim relates to the failure of the college to equip its students with the required knowledge and skills when it comes to handling confidential sexual health information.

In addition to these two areas, the plaintiff is also seeking damages for breach of confidence. This is based on the fact that Ashford University failed to provide a safe working environment for its employees. Employees were afraid to talk to their supervisors about issues because they felt that the conversations would only lead to disciplinary actions or possible termination. Failure to appropriately train staff on the proper reporting of sexual abuse also contributed towards this erosion of trust. In the event of such negligence, Ashford University could be seen as responsible for a wide range of damages.

Under the circumstances, it seems clear that Ashford University has a case to answer in terms of liability. However, this will be one case that will be decided at a later date. For the time being, the lawsuit remains active and continues to make news. It is hoped that a successful outcome will encourage other disgruntled former employees to come forward and seek damages as well. Only time will tell whether or not Ashford University will end up defending the case through its defense fund.

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