A California woman has filed a Class Action lawsuit against Pfizer Inc. claiming that its blockbuster antidepressant Zoloft isn’t any more effective at treating her bipolar disorder than a placebo. Plumlee states that she took Zoloft consistently for three years in order to treat her bipolar disorder with the hope that it would help but it still failed to help. The plaintiff also claims that Zoloft caused significant mood swings and memory problems which only got worse when she began taking it at higher doses. Her symptoms are similar to those that occur when taking the drug.

Zoloft Class Action Lawsuit

The Class Action lawsuit claims that Pfizer knew about the negative results of its product long before it sent it to the market but failed to warn patients or provide adequate warning about the risks associated with its use. Plumlee has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is currently receiving treatment at a clinic where she is receiving treatment for her bipolar disorder along with Zoloft.

While Zoloft was approved by the FDA to treat major depressive episodes in June of 2021, the Class Action lawsuit claims that it is useless for treating other than mild depression and that there are ample clinical trials that have proven that Zoloft’s benefits are limited to cases of depression.

The Pfizer Class Action lawsuit claims that it was aware of the negative clinical studies and yet sold the product anyway, advising patients that it was safe as it had been used in Europe for years.

Another Class Action lawsuit claims that Pfizer was aware of the mdl defect and yet sold the drug anyway, advising that patients with mild depression could take it without risk. There are even lawsuits against Pfizer concerning the death of one of their studies participant whose brain suffered from a serious condition. The brain suffered permanent damage.

There are other Class Action lawsuits that have been filed regarding the negative effects of taking the sugar pill as prescribed by Dr. Ted Kaptur.

His controversial method of treating depression through SSRIs has been widely criticized not only by his peers but also by the FDA. One of the lawsuits filed against him states that he repeatedly gave placebo medication to subjects in clinical trials.

The FDA did find that these subjects did, in fact, experience some results and that this did NOT include the subjects who received Zoloft. Kaptur’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss this case stating that the plaintiffs were not legally representing themselves but rather were working as an independent contractor for Kaptur.

This dismissal is unfortunate because this is exactly the argument that can be used to discredit any valid study and to cast doubt on any valid findings.

There have been multiple class action lawsuits regarding the issue of the placebo effect, and yet, when asked about the Kaptur trial data, the FDA only noted that there was insufficient data to determine the effectiveness or the safety of Zoloft. Why is this? If all of the data shows that Zoloft causes changes in serotonin levels then shouldn’t we consider the possibility that serotonin might play a role in the disorder?

The problem with this whole scenario is that while Kaptur may have provided sufficient evidence to show that Zoloft indeed alters moods and affects the clinical effects of depression, the very opposite has been reported by one of the major study’s who actually conducted the clinical trial.

This study was filed by none other than the same group who handled the clinical trial data for Zoloft.

Are you beginning to see the big picture here? There is a well known fact that those who file class action lawsuits often have a lot of trouble actually proving that they suffered any injury due to the manufacturer’s defective drugs.

If you really want to win your Zoloft Class Action Lawsuit, I would strongly recommend that you work closely with a qualified attorney who has experience in handling these types of cases. By hiring an attorney who has worked on similar cases, you are much more likely to win your lawsuit.

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